Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My First Real Adventure into Weavedom!

Hello all!!! I'm a member of the BlackHairMedia Forum (check it out: and the ladies in the weave/extension section always give me such great inspiration to wear weave. I mean not like braids, but weave (sew ins, glue ins, etc).. So I finally gave in. First I brought some Pro-10 Bohemian Curl... The texture/length/color was exceptional! But after week #1, I couldn't handle it!! My scalp was itching something terrible so I decided to wash the synthetic hair.. Bad move! The curls didn't pop back after my conditioner wash. So by week #2, I took the hair out.

Now to this past couple of weeks. I've been YEARNING for some pretty hair. So I went and brought some hair from one of the many local beauty supply stores.. For 18 inches of hair, each pack cost me $36 and I needed 2. So I spent roughly $70 bucks on hair. That was a first. I got my hair done (full sew in, no hair left out) on Saturday October 11th. And guess what? I already want to take it out. I'm not too much of a complainer but when I want something done, I might as well do it myself. As of right now I'm not loving my hair that much.. I mean I like it, but I'm not in love with it!!! I took it out after 1 week.

I have been thinking about trying it again, this time with curly hair again just for Thanksgiving. And if it works out, then I'll be doing it more often. Right now I'm having a love affair with my naturally curly puff. It's getting bigger & bigger!!! Hopefully sooner than later I'll be rocking a ponytail puff!

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